Slow down the rush without slowing down your progress

Find your balance and stop postponing your life!


Spinning in the daily hustle like on double-speed drain mode?

Easy to lose the sense of direction at such pace, huh?


Don't take it as a norm. You can do much better than that!

Learn HOW

You can flip this grey messy canvas and repaint it in any style and colours you want!

No more "what's it all for?" or "can't do this anymore" in your head

Do more with less effort and more enjoyment

Be inspired. Be present. Be the example to your loved ones.

Learn HOW

 Sounds like wishful thinking?

I know it does... but only until you give it a go!

First step is all it takes...

And I'm here to guide you


Give it a go

Let's see where exactly you are today


Watch this FREE Masterclass 

Shine light on your professional progress as you enjoy every other part of your life. 

Reading with Coffee

So happy to meet you here, I'm Irina 

The fact that you scrolled till here, means I know something about you already. Now let me introduce myself.

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by Irina Krasko, NLP Life Coach

Specialising in the Work-Life Balance and Self-Realisation

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