You’ve spent a lot of time working on your self-development, building your empire and designing a comfortable lifestyle.  You're used to taking care of everything and everyone else. You're amazing at supporting, problem-solving, coaching and helping others. 

So I get it - it can feel pretty uncomfortable to admit that deep down you don’t have it all together, or that you often feel behind or insecure in some areas.

you may struggle with balancing your daily life, your relationships, your personal wellness, your goals and your emotional wellness. You know you're destined for greater things and you're committed to taking your business and life to the next level, and it's very frustrating that you keep sabotaging yourself along the way. 

And so it is that when we address our own needs, we tend to focus on the external part and neglect the internal. We think of changing career or business niche, moving to the other side of the world or taking a sabbatical and meditating in Bali for 6 months. 

Without discounting any of the above, the REAL freedom of choice starts with dealing with the internal gremlins that aren't seen on the outside but are getting in the way of creating a long-lasting fulfilment.


The only mindset shifting tool you need to truly uplevel your results in a holistic way. 
it's a powerful training that shows you how to create an instant shift in your mindset and exactly what you need to do to smash through the ceiling of your results without the sacrifice.

This is in fact my go-to starting point whenever I feel stuck in any area of my life - be it business or weight loss. 

You're ambitious and you aren't ready to settle. You want to have extraordinary results both in your business and in your personal life. 

You know deep down that you can do it, but there is something getting in your way....

Most importantly...

Many people focus on improving their results and creating balance through productivity hacks and "mindset" work - trying to think positively, creating perfect morning routines, and hanging affirmations on the fridge.

This can definitely help on some level...
But you can't grow a flower by just watering the leaves. You've got to nurture the roots.
The fastest and most sustainable way to truly shift your mindset and create changes HOLISTICALLY - is to do it at its source

You've likely inherited and adopted many ideas and views about how things are "supposed to be",  what you can and cannot have/do/be/want. Your brain has created and hard-wired those ideas and beliefs into your system so that they have become part of your identity and hence your daily life. 


>>> You have success in some areas, but aren't sure how to duplicate it in other areas of life. 

>>> You know that you can create more, but you can't see how - without more work or sacrificing other parts of your life. 

>>> You're multi-passionate and have many ideas - for business AND life - but you aren't clear on how to bring them to life when you've got so many plates to spin already.

>>> You catch yourself procrastinating and avoiding certain tasks and actions. 

>>> Sometimes you aren't even sure what you really want. 

>>> You often say "I don't have time" and "I'm too busy" and tend to put aside what's truly important to you.

>>>You often condition your desires on external factors ("If X happens, then I do Y")

>>> You're so busy that you can't see how you could possibly have/do more without having more hours in a day.


>>> You're afraid you may drop the ball or miss out on something, so your energy & thoughts are consumed by your business/work 24/7.

>>> You'd love to spend more QUALITY time on your self-care and with your loved ones, do more of exiting things, but "other stuff" is always taking over (actually or in your thoughts). 

And your identity is, and always will inform your behaviours, thinking patterns and ultimately how far you go in your results and your happiness.

It's time to rewire your mind and expand the borderlines of who you believe yourself to be, to create lasting changes on a multi-dimensional level.




You're extraordinary by birth and meant to live a full, rich life, pursuing your desires.

Without compromise or sacrifice.

You can start getting there already today.

What if you were to

unlock the powerful potential you hold inside, and were able to hold full control over your mind - and hence your life?

>>You would save energy and time on DOING more and moving in incremental steps, and would create rapid upgrades from the place of a bigger, expanded version of self.

With EASE. 


>>You would operate at your highest level which not only allows you to create more but also gives you joy and fulfilment in the process.


>>You would have mastered your emotions and feelings so they don't dictate your actions and behaviours.


>>You would trust yourself more, and make decisions better and faster and with certainty.


>>You would redefine hustle and feel energised, inspired and fulfilled in your day-to-day.


>>You would stop quitting on your own promises and show up for them with EXCITEMENT.


All in all, you would stop wondering whether you could ever be truly satisfied and start ACTUALLY living your best life (hint: you can, even with no immediate external changes)

If any of these are hitting a nerve... - this is where I come in!

The fusion of breakthrough coaching, NLP and hypnotherapy will uncover the deep subconscious blocks that are holding you back and creating unnecessary stress, hustle and procrastination.

Mindset coaching will uplevel your results without adding more actions. 

Identity work will make the process of change seamless and almost magical.

I’m not exaggerating here – it will literally transform your entire life. With ease. Your health, your wealth, your relationships.

This is not just manifestation and positive thinking. And I’m not saying that sh*t won't ever happen in your life again.

This is about learning how to take conscious control over your results and your state of being and alchemise any hardship, lack or stuckness into power and resources.


>>> with an evergreen process, practical coaching and neuro tools to support the change <<<

I can show you how to create a life where you feel GOOD. How to cultivate vibrancy, aliveness and richness - on the inside. How to fill your day with joy, growth and RESULTS.

Hi, I'm Irina

Life & Mindset Coach
NLP Master & Hypnotherapy Practitioner

I'm a Life & Mindset Coach for ambitious business owners and professionals.


I'm also a change addict - from places to live to careers to travelling solo. But the change I love the most - is the internal one. 


The work I do with my clients goes beyond the traditional mindset work. We tap right into the source of your mindset - which is the way you see/know yourself, your identity. And through our journey together - we take you back to who you really are - an extraordinary being. 


What makes my coaching so effective - is my ability to pinpoint the exact root cause of your stagnation and the blind spots outside the peripheral you.

But I won't let you mingle in there. My job is to help you create the results you want quickly. So instead of digging into the past, we will be focusing on HOW to create your desired future.  

We go beyond the mindset work. I will help you expand your emotional capacity to embody your elevated self-image so you're open to receiving more success and joy - with ease and certainty.

I believe that you stumbled upon this page for a reason. Don't be a stranger, let's connect!

Irina, x


Irina is not your regular life coach! When I connected with her I was at the beginning of my business journey, insecure about money, not seeing my value, struggling with my pricing, sales and having no clue how to overcome some strong money mindset blocks.

My first two sessions with Irina were eye-opening and she immediately helped me see my blocks in a different light. I then continued my journey with Irina participating in her 8-week Personality Shaping Marathon program which changed me in a way I could have never imagined was possible in such a short time!

The same month I joined the program little miracles started happening in my life. I gained more awareness, positive energy and easiness to slip into my flow and well as the knowledge on how to change the state of my mind from ‘negative’ into positive in a matter of seconds!

Most of the practices I learned are still a big part of my daily routine. Irina was just a ‘stranger’ from the Internet that I invited into my life and in turn, she shifted my mindset and my life beyond recognition. Thank you Irina!

- Dominika Lazdowska, graphic designer, founder of DoaLoa

I'm here to help you create the results. And I don't say it lightly.

I want you to set big goals that stretch you and achieve them in a way that's sustainable.

The source of your change isn't your knowledge or abilities.
The shift in your results follows the shift in your mindset and self-concept.
Every time. No exceptions.

It's simple. But you've got to commit to and trust the process. 

Self-help books, knowledge and traditional mindset coaching, although helpful, cannot create this depth of transformation. 

I don't know what exactly your version of true success looks like, but one thing I'm certain about is that joy and freedom are part of it.

I'd love to show you how you can achieve this. Sooner rather than later.


If you feel called, let's get on a zoom call
and see if it's a good fit.

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