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Mindset Coach | Irina Krasko

Hi, I'm Irina



Life Coach | Irina Krasko

Interacting With Confidence

This [free] workshop will teach you how to "manage" your mind so you can feel clear, calm and grounded when interacting with senior management or client prospects.

Hey, I see you.

You're ambitious and high achieving and have already created success in your life.

But the further up you go, the more stress weighs down on your shoulders.

You often find yourself in the cycles of overworking, people-pleasing and worrying that you aren't doing enough.

There seems to be a disconnect between your brilliant high-achieving mind and the doubts that occupy it. 
which gets in the way of feeling 

calm, grounded, fulfilled.

The good news is - you don't need years of therapy or remove generational curse ;)
There's a simpler way. And I can help you.

Hi, I'm Irina

Life & Mindset Coach, NLP Master

I coach people with brilliant minds (often overachievers) who want to feel more grounded and more fulfilled in everyday life - without losing the grit.

You've likely read books and maybe done some courses or therapy in the past which helped you feel better and make progress, and you wonder how you can take that to a deeper level.

I totally get that.

When we work together, we work on your thoughts and behaviours on the conscious level AND we also do the work on your subconscious patterns.


I know you don't want to regret living life wrapped in overthinking and overwhelm.
Success CAN come along with feeling grounded and fulfilled. You're not being unreasonable.

YOU are one of the few who actually pay attention to what they want and have the courage to move towards it.

Let's explore how you can get there. 

Writing in Notepad
Here's my methodology

➡ The fusion of breakthrough coaching and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) helps "rewire" any unhelpful patterns such as self-doubt, perfectionism and people-pleasing to rediscover who you are and what you want.

➡  Mindset work helps you take bold steps and uplevel your results without adding more time or effort + you learn how to guarantee your results no matter what happens outside you. 

This work brings out the most authentic,  powerful version of you that has been yearning to come out and be seen by the world.

If any of these seem familiar.... 

You have a hard time making decisions. Looking for the "right" plan, strategy and waiting to be fully confident before you take the step. 

You constantly worry that you're under-delivering. So you
overwork, over-give and over-do, wearing yourself off.

You avoid negotiating and asking for what you want/need because deep down you don't want to deal with resistance or rejection.

You dim your light and shy away from standing in your expertise & authority so you don't make others uncomfortable. 

You often ignore your emotions as something irrelevant and distracting, telling yourself to "man up" and stop exaggerating problems.


It's deep. It's honest. It's effective.

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