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Workshop - MasterMind Pyramid

I know that you know A LOT of different strategies.

And you probably get A LOT of ideas for your business.

But here's the thing: you can't implement all those great things if you've got subconcious beliefs blocking you. It's like an invisible foot standing on the hose blocking the flow of your creativity, actions and expansion. 

Your business will ONLY grow to the level which your mindset allows.​ Your beliefs about yourself, your business, your clients and money - all dictate how your business is performing today. 

And to dive in and see what exactly is going on in the deep waters of your subconscious, you need to have a guide - and I can help you do that today.

In this call we will dive deep into what's been going on for you and what you want to create, and I will help you see what's been getting in your way and how you can overcome it.
No commitment, and no matter what - you'll get a massive value from it.  


Hi, Irina here...

I'm a Business & Confidence Mindset Coach for creatives and passion-led entrepreneurs. 


I'm also a change addict - from places to live to careers to travelling solo. But the change I love the most - is the internal one. And building my business has been the most internally transformational journey I've ever gone through. It's been like self-development on steroids!


From its early days it made me realise how much I was getting in my own way - not just in business, but in my whole life!

Knocking down those internal 'gremlins' one after another, has opened the tap for my creativity and intuition which turned out to be THE MOST TRUTHFUL sources of direction - not just for me, but for my clients too. 

Much like you, I have walked this path and still am - serving passionate souls, creatives and visionaries helping them grow and scale their businesses through powerful mindset shifts, personality development and strategies which ALIGN.

I believe that you stumbled upon this page for a reason. Don't be a stranger, let's connect!

Irina, x

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