What people say

The workshop really opened my mind and I just could not believe it. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who is struggling or would like to shift their mindset to a more positive one. It did the trick for me! I am sure it will for others.

Preethika / MSc Finance & Economics, Reward

Irina has helped me change my personality and my way of thinking. Using the tools, techniques and processes, I managed to overcome challenges and focus on what matters to me. The changes are permanent as Irina works at the root cause, and it's amazing to watch the change within yourself. She has an amazing ability to listen and is very insightful as to what is going on deep down.

Ken / IT Manager

Working with Irina was a blessing that changed so much in my life. She has the skill of detecting the core of your problem and working directly with the root cause, not only with the symptoms, which, of course, it’s what you want if you aim for long-lasting changes in your life. Amongst other things, the core belief I worked on is believing that I am not inherently worthy, that I had to work a lot, be good or perfect to deserve what is best for me. Irina did her magic and now I can't believe that I was that insecure person months ago.

The amazing fact is that, by working with Irina, these beliefs change without noticing and become natural for you.

Another thing that changed for me is my relationship with my boyfriend. Actually, we hadn't fought for months and it's because I changed my perspective response to what bothered me before. I recommend you follow the teachings of Irina because your life is gonna improve in each area you focus on.

Carmen, Associate Attorney

Irina is not your regular life coach! When I connected with her I was at the beginning of my business journey, insecure about money, not seeing my value, struggling with my pricing, sales and having no clue how to overcome some strong money mindset blocks.

My first two sessions with Irina were eye-opening and she immediately helped me see my blocks in a different light. I then continued my journey with Irina participating in her 8-week Personality Shaping Marathon program which changed me in a way I could have never imagined was possible in such a short time!

The same month I joined the program little miracles started happening in my life. I gained more awareness, positive energy and easiness to slip into my flow and well as the knowledge on how to change the state of my mind from ‘negative’ into positive in a matter of seconds!

Most of the practices I learned are still a big part of my daily routine. Irina was just a ‘stranger’ from the Internet that I invited into my life and in turn, she shifted my mindset and my life beyond recognition. Thank you Irina!

Dominika / Graphic Designer, founder of DoaLoa Design