Do any of these ring true to you?


"I seem to be doing well, but I constantly doubt myself, second-guess my decisions."

"I feel like everyone around me is smarter, more confident and knows better."

"I think I need more qualification/certification/skills to step up to the next level."


"I'm overwhelmed, stressed, often overwork."

If so, you're not alone.

So many people get stuck in constant ‘waiting’ - buying into own excuses that they need XYZ before they can move forward.


What if it's much simpler than you think? What if you could get there in a matter of a few weeks?


Imagine if you could:

Uncover the natural leader within you - for work and for life

Have unshakable inner confidence

Be in full control of your emotions, projecting calmness and charisma

Continuously expand, grow and develop from the place of joy and inspiration

If you want to lead with confidence at work and in life, you're in the right place.




Hello, I'm Irina

Business Mindset & Confidence Coach
NLP Master, Hypnotherapy Practitioner

I'm a change-lover, action-taker and a happy introvert. (The latter doesn't mean I don't like being around people, it means I need to spend more time on my own to recharge my batteries :) ).

I have to admit, that for the larger part of my life, I was wearing somewhat like virtual reality glasses with a pre-programmed game. 


I was filtering my choices and my goals through the lenses of my own internal limitations - doubts, fears, lack of confidence to name a few. I was taking what was available, rather than choosing and creating what I wanted. I was changing my behaviours like a chameleon - to stay likeable and accepted.

What I couldn't see, was how it was slowing down my progress and kicking me off MY path.

When I was able to take off those glasses and face the reality, my whole life turned upside down (or from down upside rather!).


Here’s what I discovered and it now forms part of my coaching:

1st and foremost - admitting the reality - be honest with yourself, your feelings and emotions don’t lie.

☝ The true leader is the one with inner confidence, not the one looking confident. The effort we spend acting as one is better spent creating that strength within.

☝ There’s no need to hold on to inner-critic - it's NOT a sustainable source of improvement! Strong self-belief and enjoyment is where we derive the long-term motivation & growth.

☝ Being a true leader starts from being in charge of your own life - knowing what you want and taking actions to make that happen.

Admit the Reality

Create strength within

Be willing to let go

Take charge of your life - take actions!


The Journey Towards Fulfillment Begins on the Path of Self Belief. Begin Your Journey Today.

“Coaching with Irina really opened my mind and I just could not believe it. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who is struggling or would like to shift their mindset to a more positive one. I can’t stress enough how much it helped me move on and shift my mindset. I will always be grateful and thankful.”

- Preethika Menezes

“Irina possesses an extremely pleasant personality and I admire her active listening skills. She has the ability to connect well with her clients quickly that helped me build a roadmap and gave me a direction to move forward. She is always encouraging, and a patient and insightful coach.
Her techniques allow your strengths to be realized, your journey to be appreciated and a greater sense of purpose to be obtained. I feel more confident and fulfilled as an individual now.”

- Shivangi Reja

“I had a pleasure joining Irina's workshops which gave me a fantastic opportunity to take a good step back and reflect on my goals and what is ahead as well as develop a framework around how to get there more effectively. Highly recommended to anyone who is wondering why they are not getting the results they want or perhaps needs a bit of guidance along the way.”

- Inesa Smigola

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