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In 12 weeks working together we'll nurture your life for the decades to come. With intentionality, courage and focus on what YOU want.


My 1:1 coaching is a safe, customised journey where I meet you where you are at and help you untangle anything that's getting in your way of creating the things you want the most.

We meet weekly and step by step I help you "unclutter" your mind from excessive worries, people-pleasing and anything that's causing you to feel stressed, angry or disappointed.

I combine a fusion of breakthrough coaching and neurolinguistic programming to create lasting changes in a shorter time span.

The best part of working with the subconscious - is that you start noticing changes happening without forcing it or "pushing through"..

when you do this work

⚜️ You start feeling more grounded and centered as you take steps towards your goal - whether it's growing your business, getting that next-level promotion or just presenting yourself on a whole new level.

⚜️ You stop overthinking and start feeling more calm under pressure.

⚜️ You feel confident to ask for that pay rise or promotion or increase your fees.

⚜️ You realise how AMAZING it is to be YOU ;)


I know first-hand what it's like...


Regardless of all the accolades and achievements, your inner critic still throws tantrums in your head with all sorts of I’m not good enough, I’m failing, I should be further along.

All along with periodic anxiety and "where is it all going" at 2 in the morning... 


People say you have it all… and yet, you never feel like you’re enough.

No matter where you're at, it does not mean that there's something wrong with you or that you're "not cut for it".

This mental chatter is not your fault. Most of us have been socialised to believe that there's a "right" way to be, to behave, to make decisions, to live life... No wonder it makes you feel constantly off track.

If you want to "unlearn" it, get to know who you are and what you really want, and then take bold steps to create it - I can help you with that.

You're smart, resourceful and you were born to be a leader - leading your life in a sovereign, confident way.

YOU have the faucet of possibilities within you. And You can access it at any time.

Working with Irina was a blessing that changed so much in my life. She has the skill of detecting the core of your problem and working directly with the root cause, not only with the symptoms, which, of course, it’s what you want if you aim for long-lasting changes in your life.


Amongst other things, the core belief I worked on is believing that I am not inherently worthy, that I had to work a lot, be good or perfect to deserve what is best for me. Irina did her magic and now I can't believe that I was that insecure person months ago.

The amazing fact is that, by working with Irina, these beliefs change without noticing and become natural for you.

- Carmen Turku, Attorney

I met Irina during the most challenging time in my personal and professional life. My children had successfully completed their education, gained freedom by obtaining their driver's licence as well as landed great jobs. My career was going well, but for some reason, I was really unhappy...


Irina, through her great instinct, listening skills and at times a challenging process, helped me put my NEW life into perspective as I had arrived at a successful place in my life (reached my goals). The results have been positive through digging deep and realising that I had, as I labelled it the "I'm not good enough syndrome".


I now realise that indeed, I am not good at everything but definitely good enough to grow in a positive way for the last 17 years of my working and personal life. 

- Nick Katsimperis, Head of Treasury and Payments Technology

This is for you if you want support which helps you

>>> learn how to reverse engineer your results no matter what happens outside you

>>> have the tools and strategies to untangle emotional loops

>>> learn how to make decisions with less hesitation

>>> move beyond DIY'ing your inner work and have professional guidance to the transformation on a much deeper level

There are two main ingredients

Inner work

Your Emotions & Subconscious

Your body, just like your brain, has a memory that stores and clings to the "familiar" stories, behaviours and reactions. 


That's why when you start creating changes in your life, you often face a lot of emotional resistance and tend to fall back into the "old" patterns. 

We work on "rewiring" your subconscious and regulating your nervous system so you can understand and manage your emotional responses in any situation (with help of simple neuro and NLP tools that i will teach you)


Your Intentional Thoughts
ANY outer change starts in your mind.

But "thinking positively" simply isn't enough. 

We find all the unintentional thoughts that are holding you back in your specific endeavour (hint: they aren't always negative and may seem innocent and absolutely true - but they aren't;) ). 


And then we create intentional thoughts that propel you forward, encourage you to take action and create the energy around you that other people just cannot resist :)

here's a little snapshot of what it's going to look like


Imagine you and I are on our weekly facetime...

By asking intentional questions and carefully listening to you, I make the observations and pinpoint things to you that have always been there, that you have never paid attention to. These are the blind spots which we all have.

I do it with zero judgment and with a pure desire to help you reach your goals in the easiest and fastest way. 

I offer you practical neuro tools as I see fit.  You try them on and if it fits, you put them into your toolbox which you keep with you for the rest of your life. 

You leave every session feeling uplifted, energised, clear on your next steps and inspired to move forward. It compounds into permanent changes that make you wonder how you could doubt yourself a short few weeks ago...

Humans are wired to make choices from yesterday's (habitual) version of themselves 95% of the time. 

Which recreates 95% of that version today.

Which informs 95% of your results tomorrow.


You can choose to step out of that. Tap into your intuition. Make a different choice today.


Making intentional choices from the truer version of yourself -

is what creates an authentic, fulfilling life.

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