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You've worked hard and you've got full rights to be proud of the results you've created.

And yet, deep inside you know that there's a lighter, easier, more meaningful way to be.


You are ready to shift your attention from the outer external world into your internal world.​

You want to find the comfort to show up more in your real and most favourite iteration of self. 

Owning your path and bringing more presence and intentionality into your life.

Coaching is for progressive and forward-thinking people who are ready to invest in themselves, uplevel their state of being, their results and lifestyle in a sustainable way.

Your subconscious mind, your deeply ingrained self-concept - has a profound impact on how you show up in your life - every single day. 

I'd love to show you how you can rewire the way you see yourself, oth
ers and the circumstances. How you can transform the way you feel and think. And how this transformation can lead you to the results you want to create.

It's not about becoming someone you're not. It's about magnifying who you already are. 

Let's be honest here... 


If it was as simple as writing down your goals and thinking positively -  you would have done it by now.  You would be loving your day-to-day, you'd be productive like a rocket ship, have the relationship you desire,  sex life from your wildest dreams and the body you're proud of. 


Trying really hard, adding more actions, reading more books and testing new morning routines just isn't going to cut it.

Best case - it'll give you temporary results and will feed your ego with hope. Then it will put you into the same loop of quitting and disappointment. Over and over again.


I want you to notice that it's exactly this line of thinking that makes coaching the right direction for you at this point.


It's an intimate, private experience where the whole focus is on you, your life and your inner world. Together we go into the depths of your mind - understand exactly why you react, behave and feel the way you do.

We rediscover your true desires and work deeply and profoundly on your subconscious mindset and energy to create ease and certainty. 
You start feeling more grounded, present and courageous. 
Your very first shift happens when you make the uncomfortable and stretchy decision to do this work and commit to showing up more in your most favourite version of self.
Office Work

To see whether it's a good fit for us to work together, please schedule a consultation and fill out a short form that you'll be prompted with. 

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Making the decision to invest in yourself isn't meant to be easy...


As a natural leader, you are used to taking care of everything and everyone else. 


And when we turn to our own needs, we tend to focus on the external side and bypass the internal. We buy cool cars and latest tech, go on holidays, take spa days or indulge in shopping.

I bet I’m not the only one who sought remedy in a city break or an expensive pair of shoes! Who hasn’t bought into the idea that a fancy car, six pack and more figures in the bank account would be the point of happiness? :)

I don't discount the importance of the external pleasures at all! In fact, I want you to have all that and more! But I want you to experience it with TRUE joy and aliveness.

And the true aliveness starts with knowing yourself deeply - what you REALLY want, what turns you on, what lights you up. It starts with dealing with the internal gremlins that aren't seen on the outside and building foundations that will long outlast the pleasure of a luxury spa day.

My 6-month 1:1 coaching programme is an intimate and highly customised journey which meets you where you are at and takes you to the results you want to create. 


I combine a fusion of modalities such as breakthrough coaching, somatic work, hypnotherapy, and neurolinguistic programming to create sustainable changes in your internal state and quantum shift your results.

I will help you discover the root cause of what's holding you back in your business/career and life, so that you can get out of your own way to confidently step into your favourite, REAL self and unlock the door to new possibilities.

You'll be showing up on purpose and with unapologetic conviction. You will learn how to have your own back and GUARANTEE your own results no matter what.


Working with Irina was a blessing that changed so much in my life. She has the skill of detecting the core of your problem and working directly with the root cause, not only with the symptoms, which, of course, it’s what you want if you aim for long-lasting changes in your life.


Amongst other things, the core belief I worked on is believing that I am not inherently worthy, that I had to work a lot, be good or perfect to deserve what is best for me. Irina did her magic and now I can't believe that I was that insecure person months ago.

The amazing fact is that, by working with Irina, these beliefs change without noticing and become natural for you.

- Carmen Turku, Associate Attorney

I met Irina during the most challenging time in my personal and professional life. My children had successfully completed their education, gained freedom by obtaining their driver's licence as well as landed great jobs. My career was going well, but for some reason, I was really unhappy...


Irina, through her great instinct, listening skills and at times a challenging process, helped me put my NEW life into perspective as I had arrived at a successful place in my life (reached my goals). The results have been positive through digging deep and realising that I had, as I labelled it the "I'm not good enough syndrome".


I now realise that indeed, I am not good at everything but definitely good enough to grow in a positive way for the last 17 years of my working and personal life. 

- Nick Katsimperis, Treasury and Payments Technology

It's the right time for you if you...

>>> notice that even though you achieve your set goals, you find yourself in the same emotional & situational loops.

>>> feel overwhelmed and not sure how to prioritise the million things on your plate.

>>> tried many tools to get over procrastinatation, but keep falling into the same loop.

>>> feel guilty for "slipping off the plan".


>>> often feel like you're "behind".

>>> would love to spend more time on your self-care and with your loved ones, but "other stuff" is always taking over.


>>> are ready to uplevel your game and start creating results with more ease and have fun in the process.

>>> want to create more freedom and headspace to dial up on all the important areas of your life. 


>>> want to find the way to easily step into your genius and creative flow.

>>> ready to master your emotions and break the cycle of frustration, confusion and feeling stuck. 

>>> ready to move beyond DIY'ing your inner work and have a dedicated guidance to experience the real transformation.


The process is simple. We debunk the parts of your self-defined concept that keeps you away from the life you want to create, and work together on elevating it through these three areas:


(Thoughts and Beyond)
ANY outer change starts in your mind.

In my work, we go beyond the level of habits and goal setting - right into the deep level of your self-defined concept.


We identify and eliminate the root cause of your mindset blocks that create the invisible ceilings.

Then we move on to reveling your natural powers and resourcefulness.

Creating the outside results through the inner work is the fastest shortcut to your growth. 

Emotional Mastery


Mindset on its own doesn't create lasting results. Your body, just like your brain, has a memory that stores and clings to the "familiar" stories, behaviours and reactions. 


That's why when you start creating changes in your life, you often face a lot of emotional resistance. 

We work on expanding your emotional capacity and 'adjusting' your nervous system to embody the change (with help of neuro and NLP tools)

Intentional Choices


Your daily choices are defined by your identity and compound into your reality (environment). And this reality reconfirms that identity and what you've always believed to be true back to you.

Most of these choices will start to shift as we work through the first two aspects. But being intentional about it hugely supports the process of change.  

this is a little snapshot of what it's going to look like


Imagine you and I are on our weekly zoom call...

By asking intentional questions and carefully listening to you, I make the observations and pinpoint things to you that have always been there, that you have never paid attention to. These are the blind spots which we all have.  They are the protective mechanisms that are keeping you safe in the "familiar" zone and often show up in very subtle ways.

I do it all without judgement and with the pure desire to help you learn to reach your goals in the easiest and fastest way. 


Together we flash out the clutter that is getting in your way and replace it with what is going to take you there. 

I also offer you practical embodiment tools as I see fit to aid your journey.  You try them on and if it fits, you put them into your tollbox which you keep with you for the rest of your life. Some tools may fit you better than others, there's no one size fits all. That's why we try and test different variations as we move through our journey together. 

Liquid Bubbles

I work with those who value time over money. Those who are genuinely committed to the expansion and the upgrade on a multi-dimensional level. You must be open to being supported and willing to take full responsibility for realising your goals.

If you aren't ready for that, we're likely not a good fit at this point.

If we decide it's a good fit to work together, we will be going DEEP. As you got it already, it’s not just a set-the-goals and follow-the-plan process. 

This is the fastest and in fact cheapest way for you to get the results. The most expensive way to learn is through experience. I want to eliminate years of unnecessary trial and error for you.

It’s a journey that triggers a whole range of emotions, discomfort, resistance as well as epiphanies and breakthroughs. And you graduate from this process on the other side feeling like you're living the life in its full spectrum, and having the results you want.

​Oh and I don't believe in transformation without spiritual growth - we'll have some of that too. I need you to know this beforehand.

What would your future self do?

Humans are wired to make choices from yesterday's version of selves 95% of the time.Which recreates 95% of that version today. Which informs 95% of your results tomorrow.


That's why most people sign up for the mentality of incremental results. 


You can choose to step out of that thinking pattern. Step into your vision. Tap into your natural power. Make a choice that's unfamiliar to your old self. Making intentional choices and decisions from the future, bigger, braver version of self -




If you feel called, let's get on zoom
and see if it's a good fit.

In this call we will dive into where you're at and most importantly what you want to create, and I will help you experience the breakthrough right in the call. If it feels like a good fit, we'll talk about how we can work together.   

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