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Life Detox Programme

This program is for you if you want to


Stop feeling like a hamster in a wheel watching your days jetting by in the endless sense of rush

Increase your income without adding more working hours or stress

Slow down and start ENJOYING your life, while gracefully making your way towards the lifestyle you always dreamed about

Have more excitment and variety in your day-to-day. Loving what you do and stop pressing snooze button every morning

 Be the best role model for those important to you 


By the end of the programme you will

Get back enthusiasm about your work and life in general - no more apathy or stuckness 

Learn to prioritise your time in the way that's not only making you more productive but also makes you fulfilled and leaves you with heaps of energy to do even more

Learn how to turn the newly gained time into additional income. Create additional income streams from your personal interests


Have unshakeable self-esteem and self-confidence

Improve your wellbeing and have a mindset for a life-long healthy lifestyle

Pull out your very special feminine spark and playfulness that's been tucked deep inside


The best part is that you don’t have to figure this out by yourself. 
You'll get full support and powerful but gentle kicks to keep you going:)

Already after 12 weeks you'll be graciously gliding through your day with a glowing crafty grin, getting jealous "how do you do this?" looks

How does it work


12 modules

12 modules are released in the order that will step by step take you towards your goal. You get access to each module every week. 


Sharing your progress inspires other people and gives you a great sense of achievement. Let along inspires to move forward. 

One-to-one Coaching

To tap into your very specific inner conscious and tackle any stoppers, internal blockers, limiting beliefs that are getting on your way. 

Remember, coaching only works if there's a commitment from both parties. I am fully committed to helping you make an "I wish I did this earlier" life-long change. I will not leave you alone until you do :)

Are YOU ready to commit?

Here're few examples of what we'll cover in the course

-    clear headspace for the new mindset and habits
-    conscious prioritisation
-    efficiencies & procrastination
-    your relationship with money

-    how to create income streams out of your personal interests
-    building solid self-confidence from within
-    ensure every part of your life is in a good place
-    learning to say 'no' (not only to others but also to yourself if necessary)
-    dreaming big & turning dreams into plans
-    find your passion

These are only highlights, every programme evolves and adapts to the specific needs of the participants.

Will it work for you?


if you're ready for the change, have an open mind, you're open to learn, and most importantly, you're committed!



if any of the above doesn't apply to you.

Why is that?

Imagine an athlete who decides to win a marathon. She'd most likely hire a professional trainer who knows the stuff and who can bring her closer to her goal without time waste. Knowledge and push from the trainer plus commitment and work from the athlete - is what makes it work.

Same here - you can spend years talking about it and trying to figure out your way to a better life. But why wasting time if you can get help from an expert and get it sorted in a matter of a few weeks?!

This is not it

Same as any athletic trainer is eager to see their trainees win, I am absolutely keen on getting you to where you want to be in life through coaching. That's why you get the best combination of resources and tools from me, my full support and dedication until you reach your goal.


PLUS! On top of all, you'll get free access to:


  • breakthrough hypnotherapy sessions which will help set the new changes in stone

  • coaching platform for LIFE-TIME! You'll be able to access all the resources and tools whenever you need an inspirational kick

  • one-on-one coaching sessions with NPL elements to tackle any underlying mindset stoppers 

All this being said I'd absolutely love you to join the programme! But before signing up we need to ensure it's 100% suitable for you and you can get the full benefit. 

and do it now rather than later, because without the first action step the change will never get a chance to get to your doorstep. 


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by Irina Krasko, NLP Life Coach

Specialising in the Work-Life Balance and Self-Realisation

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