Why and when you need a coach

It's growing like mushrooms after a rainy day in late September. Coaches are popping up on social media, in self-help bookstore sections, in business firms and even among our FB and IG friends.

There must be a good reason why it's spreading its tentacles so wide and fast.

As the basic rule of economics suggests, without demand there's no supply. People recognise the value of life coaching and get more and more into it. Only a few years ago it was deemed to be only for big fishes like executives, millionaires and celebrities. Today it’s available to virtually anyone and you can get support in any area of life - from business and finances to dating and relationships.

With all this growing popularity, there is still a lot of myths and misconception around life coaching. I know some people who think it's just a fancy-named profession, while others have only a vague idea about what it is and how to eat it.

In fact, there's nothing la-di-da-mysterious or complex about it. It's pretty straight forward if you look at this example.

Let's assume you have a fitness goal for the next summer, say, to have a six-pack and a round butt? What do you do? First, you might try it yourself, watch some Youtube videos, read articles, ask your fitness guru friend... But chances are, the result will be rather poor.

Then you decide to get a gym membership.

You get to your local gym and you see a bunch of machines and equipment. You reach out to the gym instructor asking to show you how to use it.

You start using the equipment, notice some progress, but not much. Summer is almost there, but six pack and round butt are far from ready for your new bikini.

And finally, you decide to hire a personal trainer. They adjust the weights for you, correct your posture, write up a programme which takes into account your body composition, your lifestyle, and your very specific goal.

And then the trainer pushes you. You feel responsible to show up in the gym at 7 am and not miss a session. Because you’ve committed. And they hold you accountable.

It’s the same with life coaching. Take it as a personal trainer for your mind. The trainer who helps you set up a plan for success which works for you, guides you through overcoming obstacles, ‘repair’ the beliefs and habits which hold you back.

Yes, you can do it on your own, using all the great tools (like gym equipment) - self-help books, motivational speeches, quotes and affirmations. And you'll get the result, but very likely it won't be exactly as you wanted, will take long, and won't last.

One size does not fit all. Like your body, your mind needs an individual approach. You need a coach to show you which tools you need and to make the best use of it. You need commitment and accountability.

Everyone who wants to make a change in their life, achieve a goal, excel professionally or personally, and not waiting for years to get there, needs to hire a coach.

And trust me, coaches themselves are no exception. We have our coaches too because we know it works. I achieved my best results while being coached, and I continue working with my coaches today.

The good thing is that through your work, your coach will equip you with tons of knowledge and tools and nuggets of wisdom, which you will carry away in your pocket and will use from then on. Working with a good coach will inevitably change and expand your thinking, mindset and beliefs.

Careful, you might get hooked on being coached, as the reward is addictive! :)

How to choose a coach.

There are coaches specialised in specific areas, like business, career, relationships, work-life balance even dog training coaches! They will have specific tools, and expertise and most likely would have been in the place you are in today. They’ll be very familiar with your pain points, and will also be a live example for you of someone who managed to change.

You will be having deep conversations with your coach, uncovering some parts of yourself that even you didn’t know existed. Make sure you feel comfortable talking to your coach and you have a good connection.

Irina Krasko

Balanced life and self realisation coach

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by Irina Krasko, NLP Life Coach

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