Three tricks to get immediate relief from stress

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Sharing with you 3 tricks to immediately relieve from stress. Anyone can do it, it's easy and instant!

At times when things start going awry and we have no control over the events, the only control which is in our hands is over own response. In fact, this is the only thing we are entirely and utterly responsible for in any situation. The world will not change, the reality will remain the same, but the way we internalise it is entirely up to us, just need to choose how.

Yet, no matter how well we are aware of that and how easy it may sound, when things get messy and emotions take over the rational mind, it is hard to stay in control and see light at the end of the tunnel, leave alone controlling the response.

I am probably one of the least worrying and stressful people - always known it’s not worth wasting nerve cells on anything that is not life critical. It’s draining and certainly doesn’t aid in solving the problem. Still, even I sometimes get trapped in own negative emotions if I don’t spot and push it out in timely manner. For these instances (and not only) I’ve got a few quick and effective tricks to cheer up or simply calm down. Try them on - immediate effect and pleasant relief guaranteed. Enjoy!

Trick 1. Time Machine - To calm down. Imagine yourself an 87-years old, full of wisdom and life experience self look back at the current situation. What advice would you give yourself? What would you tell your younger self about the situation? Is it really that significant on a bigger scale of life? Is it worth worrying? And if it is, is worrying the solution?

There is no right answer – everyone will have own view, but it will be certainly more rational and wise view.

Wisdom is an internal resource, each and every one of us has it, we just need to pull it out in the right moment.  

Trick 2. Posture-Pretender – To kick start mood change. We are used to thinking that our bodies respond to our mental state or mood. For example, when we feel down, tired or upset, the body posture shows it – head down, shrunk shoulders, tense face. On the other hand, when we are in a good mood and full of energy, the posture is strong - shoulders back, chin up, relaxed face with a smile.

Interestingly, it works in exactly same way in the opposite direction. Let’s do a quick test right now: curve your spine, put your head down, frown and…. Try to think of something positive. ...Not easy, right? Now change your posture to the strong and positive one, and notice how the world around is changing colours.

So here it is: it’s not always easy to change your thinking, but let’s agree, it’s fairly easy to change physical stance. Just make a little physical effort, keep it for a little while, and the emotional state will follow your physiques. Yes, that easy. And yes, it works. 

Trick 3. Say it out loud - To stay positive. How do you respond to a “How Are You” question? A friend of mine does it absolutely brilliantly. To a normal question of how he’s doing, where most people would say “oh yeah, I’m ok”, “getting along” “not too bad” and so on, his response is “I’m freaking awesome!” J He does it every time, to everyone!

How often do you say “I’m really well” or “absolutely great”! Guess what, once said aloud, (and no matter how crappy you might feel right now!) it provokes an immediate internal shift upwards. Try it!

Here you go, just need to remember to keep these in your back pocket and pull it out when needed. Or even better - use it all the time! Especially tricks 2 and 3 :) Practice practice practice.

Let me know how it goes!

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by Irina Krasko, NLP Life Coach

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