Short on Social Media

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

Social media is famous for showing and showing off the brightest sides of our lives. All the bright colours [or filters] of holidays, travels, beautiful meals, fancy outfits, nights out and so on.

And it is totally fair! We do like beauty, smiles and bubbles. It’s inspiring and leaves positive perception of the world, no one wants to see sad faces..

It does though, sometimes leave some bitter sediment too.. when we see everyone else’s world so joyful and colourful, and we consciously or subconsciously start comparing it to our own, which in contrast appears in all possible shades of grey. But guess what - in own lives we know every single moment and detail, see every corner of it, feel through every emotion. Of course we see all different colours, and very likely a lot of it would be in grey, or at least less bright than filtered photos of friends on Instagram.

By nature of my job as a coach, I unveil a lot of different angles of personalities of a coachee. Believe me - EVERY ONE has weaknesses, concerns, self doubts, sad days, etc.etc.

No matter what they look like on social media or in real life, the grey shades are always there, always present in one way or another. Just some are better hidden than others, and often hidden from the person himself.

Would you agree it's not a fair comparison?

So switch off your inner critic and rather look critically at the posts. Turn on your "filters". Use social media as inspiration, idea source, food for thoughts. Never as a benchmark for your own life!

And be selective - remember, one size does not fit all!

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by Irina Krasko, NLP Life Coach

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