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I know what it feels like when you know you've got an INCREDIBLE idea, done tonnes of work and have a massive vision... but at times it all seems not that far from just a fantasy...

Building a business requires us to delve into the depths of our own heads and discover parts that we never would've known existed. It shows up through resistance, procrastination, stagnation and all sorts of blockages along the way.

I've got to tell you - this happens at any stage. I've worked with complete newbies and those who have a vault of experience... the brain plays similar games with all of us! 

In fact, it might turn out to be a quantum leap for you, as opposed to a next level. as it happens to the most of my clients

YOU choose who's going to be the winner - your big vision or your inner gremlins. And when you make the powerful choice, when you're FULLY COMMITTED (and I don't say it lightly!), it's the point when things start to change

The rest is the ground work, simple yet powerful mindset shifts and a dedicated support with laser focus on your success and acceleration.

It really doesn't have to be THAT hard and you CAN absolutely make it happen! 
Where does does it all start?


Literally :) 

In this call we will dive deep into what's been going on for you and what you want to create, and I will help you make a plan for how you can get there. No commitment, and no matter what - you'll get a great value from it.  

Your business growth is the reflection of your personal growth. 

The results you get will never outgrow your self-image. 

And here's the truth - you've got everything it takes already now. You aren't broken, you don't need to be "fixed". The "original you" is brave, confident, vibrant and WAS BORN FOR SUCCESS. 

All you need is to remove the stumbling blocks that are getting in the way of that.

And I can PROMISE you - they are 100% removable and you can start creating shifts already now. Because all the resources you need are in your mind and in your body.

Remember --> you're meant to fall asleep with a light head and go to the gym mid-week without guilt. All while walking in fancy shoes and flying business class. ;)

You deserve this. 

And it's my job as a coach to ensure we flash out everything that keeps you away from that and show you how you can make it REAL.
Take Away Coffee

Irina is not your regular coach! When I connected with her I was at the beginning of my business journey, insecure about money, not seeing my value, struggling with my pricing and sales and having no clue how to overcome some strong mindset blocks.


My first two sessions with Irina were eye-opening and she immediately helped me see my blocks in a different light. I then continued my journey with Irina participating in Personality Shaping program which changed me in a way I could have never imagined was possible in such a short time!


Most of the practices I learned are still a big part of my daily routine. Irina was just a ‘stranger’ from the Internet that I invited into my life and in turn, she shifted my mindset and my life beyond recognition. 


Hi, Irina here...

I'm a Life & Business Mindset Coach for those passionate about growth and expansion.


I'm also a change addict - from places to live to careers to travelling solo. But the change I love the most - is the internal one. And building my business has been the most internally transformational journey I've ever gone through. It's been self-development on steroids!


From its early days, it made me realise how much I was getting in my own way - not just in business, but in my whole life!

Knocking down those internal 'gremlins' one after another, has opened the tap for my creativity and intuition which turned out to be THE MOST TRUTHFUL sources of direction - not just for me, but for my clients too. 

The work I do with my clients is much deeper than just thoughts & limiting beliefs level. We work on the profound transformation of the way you see yourself - your identity. Taking you back to who you really are - an extraordinary being. 

I believe that you stumbled upon this page for a reason. Don't be a stranger, let's connect!

Irina, x

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