What do you not want to regret when you're at your deathbed?

Symptoms of excessive self-critics

Admit the truth

I'm a big advocate of living life to its fullest. That includes uncovering your full potential, becoming the person you want to be, getting what you really want - not what's given to you by default.

The way you show up in one part of your life is the way you show up everywhere else. Be it your career goals, business, or your personal life. 

We live long lives and there is enough time (yes, it is!) to achieve even craziest of your dreams! You just need to use this time in a way that's not wasteful

I went through a pile of self-help books, trial and error of jobs and business ideas, travelling the world, followed by NLP training and being coached. I finally arrived at the place where I no longer doubt myself or have a feeling that I’m wasting the time of my life.

I still have "those days", of course! We're all humans. But I learned to manage it in the way that it doesn't bring me (or anyone around me) down or affect my goals.

Managing life as a whole is intentional work. It needs goal setting, analysing, learning, sometimes mentoring or coaching. Just like career or business goals.

In fact, the better you manage the rest of your game, the easier career/job/success is coming along. (Proven over and over again!)

What kind of life do you want to create? Which parts of your life have you been blind to?​

Just a reminder - you're the only one who can create what you want - NOONE will do that for you!