Online Workshop

20th May, 6pm (UK) 

How to become unstoppable in reaching your goals.

Ever wondered why, with all the possibilities around and all the available information, we still often struggle to get what we want? Whether it's career, business or personal goals. 

There's no lack of information out there - you can read, ask, research, google - you name it! Yet, something is still getting in the way of getting there. 

Does that ring the bell?

If so, this workshop will be the turning point for you!!

What you'll discover

Why Knowledge isn't the power.

Let's be honest, we don't always reach our goals, even if we know how to do it. We'll uncover what holds the real power of getting what you want.

Myths about mindset and what in fact drives your results.

Mindset has become a mainstream topic in the last decades. Yet, no one talks about what stands behind your mindset and HOW to change it to your benefit.

3 invisible blocks that stop you from making steady progress.

What stays invisible cannot be removed. To create a change you first need to see what's getting in your way, then deal with it.

A practical way to step outside your comfort zone and overcome those blocks.

It's easy to say "you need to come out of your comfort zone". If it was THAT easy, we all would be there already, wouldn't we?

It's for you if you are:

  • open-minded and open to see more possibilities

  • seek continuous development and are open to challenging your mindset

  • want to understand yourself, the world and others better. 

It's not for you if you:

  • aren't ready to take full responsibility for your life as yet

  • aren't willing to explore new paradigms.

Andreea Popescu

I've been feeling stuck for a while, and during the past days a lot has been coming to the surface, but this time instead of it being negative it's actually pushing me to CHANGE myself, my beliefs, and my habits. So this couldn't have arrived at a better time!!

Nickolas Thomson

The workshop really opened my eyes, it was a real breakthrough. Anyone who is stuck or just want to make a change in their life should attend this workshop. It's been life-changing for me, and I'm sure will be for many others!

Inesa Smigola

I had a pleasure joining Irina's workshops earlier which gave me a fantastic opportunity to take a good step back and reflect on my goals and what is ahead as well as develop a framework around how to get there more effectively. Highly recommended to anyone who is wondering why they are not getting the results they want or perhaps needs a bit of guidance along the way.

Kind praise from past participants