“Whatever your conscious mind assumes and believes to be true, your subconscious mind will

WOW, you've transformed!
How on earth did you manage to land that client you said you'd never have guts to even talk to?

- my friend hollered with a smile and a hint of jealousy...

This sounds like just what I want!

YES to Yourself
Is an intimate 12-weeks experience to rewire your mind for unshakeable confidence, clarity and ease in taking action and uplevel your business.

Work Desk

Not just a mindset training - it's a new way of thinking

For passion-driven entrepreneurs and creatives
You know you're amazing at what you do and you've got tons of brilliant ideas for your business. But when it comes to putting yourself out there and putting your plans into consistent action... your brain starts playing tricky games keeping you stuck in comparison, procrastination and overwhelm.

You know what you need to do, but doing that feels like pulling a boulder uphill. 

You've taken steps and it brought the results. But you know you're capable of so much more. And all you need is a mind that's sharp, clear and nurtured with deeply rooted belief in yourself -> all the time <- not just on a "good day".

You keep planning, creating and taking action - but most of it stays in your own head and never reaches the outside world. And you often go to bed wondering whether you're cut for it at all or it's just a dream you've borrowed from someone's IG stories.


I get it. I've been there. I LIVED it. 
I know what it's like to consciously know that I can do it [if they can, so can I!] But keep stumbling on self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviours which seem totally out of control.

If it wasn't for my obsession with the power of mindset I wouldn't make it past the first months in my business! And when I discovered how I can work with my subconscious mind, it changed EVERYTHING! The way I show up, the way I wake up every day, the way I feel when putting myself out there and taking previously "scary" actions on autopilot.

Deep mindset work is literally 90% of your success. This is why I want all passion-driven entrepreneurs like yourself to learn these tools and know how to use the most powerful asset you'll ever have - your mind - to create the results you want. Without hustling or burning out.

No matter what stage of your business you are at, the YES formula WORKS because it's based on The World’s Leading Mindset Techniques & simple application which unlocks the potential you're holding inside and ignites the true essence of YOU.

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Most entrepreneurs think that a strong mindset has to be built over a long period of time and only through practice.

I'm here to tell you - it's not.

I really believe that getting what you want shouldn't be that complicated.
Building the mindset that's going to take you there can be simple and the fruits of it can manifest in your business and life very quickly,

What if I told you that you could build your confidence in say, doing a live stream, in a matter of minutes?
That you can make sales feel as natural and enjoyable as chatting to an ice cream with your best friend?
[saving the time & energy on practising doing it for months!]

The truth is, most mindset training is focused on working with the conscious mind.
Managing thoughts, repeating affirmations or getting inspired by a pep talk.
But this only works on the surface level - with your rational, conscious mind. And even though it feels great and inspires you in the moment - it only helps as a temporary bandaid.

To shift your behaviours, thoughts and emotional responses at the source - you've got to tap into your subconscious and create changes at the identity level.
When you do that, the changes happen naturally, without effort. 

Open Book

It's a unique fusion of different modalities such as mindset and energy work, Neuro Linguistic Programming, hypnotherapy and emotional mastery - designed to

take the DIY and guesswork out of your mindset work and hone in on the process that is proven to help you create the results - not only in business - but in ANY area of your life.
Be it money, relationships, fitness and your relationship with yourself.

You already have everything you need to create the success YOU want.

It starts with a whole-hearted YES to Yourself and your willingness to unlock your true essence and shine your unique magic with full confidence & ease.

So you can lead like the leader you’re meant to be, fast-track the results in your business and leave enough headspace for yoga, movie nights and sexy dresses for your evenings.


This is why I created YES to Yourself formula

YES to Yourself formula

Is a unique 12-week experience for entrepreneurs and creatives who want to unlock their brilliance and uplevel their results in business and life with ease and certainty - slaying the hassle and all the mind drama.

With a fusious of breakthrough coaching, neuro tools, somatic work and NLP, Yes to Yourself will help you rewire your mind on a subconscious level so that you can create the version of success you are longing for.

Working with Irina was a blessing that changed so much in my life. She has the skill of detecting the core of your problem and working directly with the root cause, not only with the symptoms, which, of course, it’s what you want if you aim for long-lasting changes in your life.


Amongst other things, the core belief I worked on is believing that I am not inherently worthy, that I had to work a lot, be good or perfect to deserve what is best for me. Irina did her magic and now I can't believe that I was that insecure person months ago.

The amazing fact is that, by working with Irina, these beliefs change without noticing and become natural for you.

- Carmen Turku, Associate Attorney

I met Irina during the most challenging time in my personal and professional life. My children had successfully completed their education, gained freedom by obtaining their driver's licence as well as landed great jobs. My career was going well, but for some reason, I was really unhappy...


Irina, through her great instinct, listening skills and at times a challenging process, helped me put my NEW life into perspective as I had arrived at a successful place in my life (reached my goals). The results have been positive through digging deep and realising that I had, as I labelled it the "I'm not good enough syndrome".


I now realise that indeed, I am not good at everything but definitely good enough to grow in a positive way for the last 17 years of my working and personal life. 

- Nick Katsimperis, Treasury and Payments Technology

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It's not a regular Business Mindset Coaching as you may know it

Not a pep-talk. 

A simplified and reusable process which combines the world’s leading mindset and energy tools.

Simple and effective exercises tap deep into your mindset and help you create empowering shifts at the rootcause level.

It's an effective, sustainable and attainable approach which respects each person’s unique way of thinking and business strategy.

No 'bro-mindset' which pushes you to DO more and take actions no-matter-what, enduring anxiety and fear. We work through the emotional barriers that come up for you and minimise those so you can take the action WITH EASE and stay CONSISTENT, saving your energy and time. 

An invaluable toolbox of quick actionable techniques to use whenever you need an extra boost of confidence for a sales converstion or calmness & focus for your creative flow. 

(these tools alone will change how you show up in any area of your life forever)

High touch and personalised support. 

It's a small intimate group where I can fully support, coach and guide you throughout our time together. Each and every one of my clients always walks away satisfied, with the transformation they came for.


We slow down to speed up.

I’ve carefully designed this programme to focus on deep work and give you enough time to process and absorb each of the steps, so you don't ever feel "behind".

Go Beyond.

Even though we focus on your entrepreneurial journey, the transformation you're going to experience through this process is going to positively ripple out to all areas of your life.

By the end of 12-weeks you will

Feel empowered reaching out to your prospects without blinking an eye

No more missing out or messing up. You'll be taking confident actions towards fulfilling your goals.

Remember - our emotions inform our behaviours; and our results are the direct output of our behaviours. 

Feel at ease to show up and click "go live" or "post" without hesitation.

Stop stressing out from just a single thought of that presentation/workshop/conversation. You'll learn how to handle those with ease of mind and a winning outcome. Saving yourself precious time and nerve cells. 

Outshine in your sales process being your 100% real self

You will not be a different person. Quite the opposite - you'll "unpeel" your true potential that's been layered up by imposed beliefs and templates throughout your life.

You'll simply become more of who you already are - as the most expansive and content version of you.

Keep cool even when life throws the stormiest storms at you

You are still going to have bad days. You are going to get swamped with negative emotions and bad mood from time to time.

But you'll learn how to effectively process and deal with those so that it doesn't spiral you down and knock you off your grand vision.


surprise yourself with how powerful you truly are


Exclusive audio and video recordings sharing what works and creates fast shifts from the front lines of psychological, behavioural, and physiological studies. 

2 x 1:1 coaching calls with Irina.

Customised coaching so we can focus specifically on what you want to get out of this journey and laser focus on your unique vision and the results you want to achieve.

Weekly power hour & Q&A

Get personalised intensive coaching & support and answers to the questions you haven't even thought of yet - asked by others in the community. So you get full support in breaking through the barriers to your success. 

Lifelong access

To the brainfeed, tools and exercises so you can always refer back to it as you'll be growing to the next levels.

Plus you get access to my
YES CA$H Training

This deep self-paced training guides you to identify and release the subconscious blocks that can be preventing you from earning more $ in your business.

It also includes practical exercises to activate your brain to start naturally thinking from the place of creativity of revenue-generating ideas when it comes to your business and making money in general.

VIP: All of the above +

Individual review of your progress

I will personally review all the exercises that you're doing to ensure you stay on the right track with the practice and training.

Access to Irina between the sessions

Should you have any questions or stumbling blocks, I will help you sort those out outside the scheduled calls.

+ 3 x 1:1 sessions with Irina

To deepen your work even further and fast-track your results.

I bet we've got a few things in common!

IRINA, Mindset Coach

NLP Master and Hypnotherapy Practitioner

I know that you're, just like me, passionate about building your business or the creative project, want to show up with ease and share your gifts with the world - all while owning your schedule and being location-free.

Being your own boss presupposes not just the freedom but also spaciousness to realise your creative ideas.


But I know first hand that it can be very frustrating when your brain starts playing tricky games with you, getting in the way of you taking the action you need and do it in the way you want.


Let's admit - building a business isn't for the faint of hearts!

It requires you to discover the depths of your mind you never thought even existed.

(So kudos to you for making the BRAVE decision to pursue your passion! Not everyone dares to get to this place!)

The YES to Yourself formula allowed me to shift from being confused, doubtful and swinging in emotions to showing up confidently & consistenly, staying inspired and taking actions which used to scare the heck out of me - with ease, as if it's my second nature.

I believe that this method must get into hands of ALL entrepreneurs and other leaders who want to create sustainable success which actually FEELS GOOD.

I did it for myself and for all of my clients. And I know we can get you there too!


Welcome on the journey!

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Together, we work on making lasting, deeply impactful shifts on your behavioural, emotional, and energetic levels. Here's a sneak peak on how we do it:

💫 Design the blueprint of how you want to be and show up for your business and life. You'll learn how to plant the seeds into your subconscious to shift your behaviours, energy and thoughts so that the incredible changes happen seemlessly and become natural to you.

💫 Identify & remove any internal conflicts that are getting in the way of you becoming your BEST and REAL version of self already today. So that you feel energised, show up on purpose and with unapologetic conviction.

💫 Release the unwanted emotions stored in your body from the past. These may still be showing up for you today, sometimes without any obvious reason, and are getting in your way of taking the inspired action.

💫 Realise your strengths and unlock your unique essence. You'll start trusting your ideas and your intuition and stop wasting precious time swaying in indecision. No more procrastination, comparison and feeling "behind".

💫 Learn how to take control of your mind and rewire your brain to think, feel and act in the way that serves you and your business - overall and in the moments when most needed. You will learn how to have your own back and GUARANTEE your own results no matter what.

Hide and Seek

It's not about striving for perfection,

living problem-free or becoming someone you're not. 


It's about having a sharp skill of detecting what is going on in your mind, being able to understand where it comes from and most importantly - knowing how to deal with it and not let your brain spiral you down, and instead redirect it upwards.

Working with Irina was a blessing that changed so much in my life. She has the skill of detecting the core of your problem and working directly with the root cause, not only with the symptoms, which, of course, it’s what you want if you aim for long-lasting changes in your life.


Amongst other things, the core belief I worked on is believing that I am not inherently worthy, that I had to work a lot, be good or perfect to deserve what is best for me. Irina did her magic and now I can't believe that I was that insecure person months ago.

The amazing fact is that, by working with Irina, these beliefs change without noticing and become natural for you.

- Carmen Turku, Associate Attorney

Irina is not your regular coach! When I connected with her I was at the beginning of my business journey, insecure about money, not seeing my value, struggling with my pricing, sales and having no clue how to overcome some strong money mindset blocks.

My first two sessions with Irina were eye-opening and she immediately helped me see my blocks in a different light. I then continued my journey with Irina participating in her 8-week group program which changed me in a way I could have never imagined was possible in such a short time!

The same month I joined the program little miracles started happening in my life. I gained more awareness, positive energy and easiness to slip into my flow as well as the knowledge on how to change the state of my mind from ‘negative’ into positive in a matter of seconds!

Most of the practices I learned are still a big part of my daily routine. Irina was just a ‘stranger’ from the Internet that I invited into my life and in turn, she shifted my mindset and my life beyond recognition. Thank you Irina!

- Dominika Lazdowska, graphic designer, founder of DoaLoa

Imagine what it would be like to 

  • have full clarity, certainty and confidence in your head day in day out so that you show up consistently, with ease and are able to create consistent results.

  • complete your tasks as planned and actually having FUN doing it.

  • not waiting for the green light on your ideas, but instead trust yourself and source motivation from within.

  • knowing how to get back on track and re-create clarity or peace of mind/ inspiration/ confidence when sh*t hits the fan in biz or life.

YES to Yourself is for you if

You're a small business owner or creative (photographer, yoga teacher, graphic designer, coach, etc.) who is passionate about and loves what you offer.

You know you're exellent at what you do and your clients (friends/family/colleagues) are raving about your work.

You want to be in full alignment with how you run your business, clear on your next steps and be "in the flow".

​​You're looking for mindset expansion and a simple, yet deeply transformational model you can follow to create the results you want.

You know that the real and permanent change happens on the deep subconscious level and you're willing and ready to do this work for yourself.

You want to grow not just as a business owner, but as a human - and learn the principles applicable in every area of life: relationships, personal growth, money, health and other.

YES to Yourself is NOT for you if

You're looking for an easy copy-paste action strategy and don't want to use your own creative thinking for building your business.

You don't care about what you're selling and just want to create some income. 

You're looking for a magic pill to "fix your mind" and aren't willing to put in any effort to do the deep work.

You don't agree that mindset is 90% of your success. 


What is the time commitment for this work?

 - This practice isn't meant to steal time away from you - quite the opposite - while doing this process you'll find MORE time in your day because you'll have more energy and will be more productive. The brainfeed is max 1 hour/week and you'll need to have 30-90min of dedicated time to do the exercises. Plus a 90 min power coaching once a week.

What happens when I apply?

 - ...

I am a coach myself and know a lot about mindset. Will this process work for me?

 - Yes. I believe as coaches we have to experience our own breakthroughs all the time. Besides, you'll learn tools and techniques which you can use in coaching your clients to elevate their results even further.

I am just starting out and haven't launched my business/project yet. Will this programme help me?

Abso-frkn-lutely! The best time for you to do this wotk is NOW! When you're just starting, mindset is probably 99% of your success. Besides, it's always easier to learn something at the beginning than to re-learn later down the line ;)


Will you tell me what I need to DO to build my business?

I don't believe that one size fits all. So I will not give you the exactly startegy or step-by-step process. But I will help you brainstorm the best startegy and tactics that work for you and align with the lifestyle you want to create. 

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