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WOW, you've transformed!
How on earth did you manage to land that client you said you'd never have guts to even talk to?

- my friend hollered with a smile and a hint of jealousy...

Work Desk

does this sound like you?

“I wish I was more patient, I'd have so much more trust from my kids! ”
If I was more confident, I’d got that job like a piece of cake
“If only I could be more assertive, I 'd got that client!”.'s not just you!
but all of that is connected to one same root cause... 

No matter what stage of life you are at, this method WORKS because it's based on breakthrough training & practical exercises 
and not just advice or knowledge gain.


Did you know that you can build on confidence while sitting at home and staring at the ceiling?
And do it pretty fast...?

So you don't need to stress over trials & errors, "training" your desired soft skills through endless practice.

...while missing out on opportunities, weakening relationships, missing clients and... simply wasting precious time.

Open Book

The right type of personality works miracles for your results in life, in business, in your career.

You can attain and develop any soft skill or behaviour you need to get what you want in life through these two steps:

1. Breaking the patterns of thinking driven by your subconscious
2. Shifting your beliefs that drive your habitual behaviours, choices and decisions on a daily basis

And yes, you can do it in just 8 weeks...


It’s a unique 8-week personal development programme designed to make you more powerful and confident, in your own authentic way - FAST.
By the end of the programme you will...

Feel empowered reaching out to your prospects without blinking an eye

No more missing out or messing up. You'll be taking confident actions towards fulfilling your goals.

Remember - our personalities inform our behaviours; and our results are the direct output from our behaviours. 

Have the confidence to talk to your boss and get that payraise

Stop stressing out from just a single thought of that conversation/presentation/task. You'll learn how to handle those with ease of mind and a winning outcome. Saving yourself precious time and nerve cells. 

Outshine in those meetings being your 100% real self

You will not be a different person. Quite the opposite - you'll "unpeel" your true potential that's been layered up by imposed beliefs and templates throughout your life. I say "by far" because I believe that self-development should be a life-long pursuit!

Keep cool even when life throws the stormiest storms at you

Shush that self-critic hovering over your shoulder. You'll learn the process and will be able to repeat over and over again to evolve and flourish endlessly.


surprise yourself with how powerful you truly are


Exclusive audio and video recordings sharing what works from the front lines of psychological, behavioural, and physiological studies. 

2 x 1:1 coaching calls with Irina

Customised coaching so we can focus specifically on what you want to get out of this

4 x group coaching & Q&A calls

To maximize insights and results through sharing experiences and getting support from the community  

Bonus trainings (incl. money mindset, tools for rock-solid confidence & more) 

See more details below

+ revisit as often as you want - the materials are yours for life​
+ easy access on your mobil

VIP package (Optional) 

Individual review of your progress

This will ensure you stay on the right track with the tasks and trainings

Access to Irina between the sessions

Should you have any questions or stumbling blocks, I will help you sort those out outside the scheduled calls 


This programme combines breakthrough coaching, aspects of psychology, NLP tools and hypnotherapy. This powerful blend makes wonders to you in just 8 weeks time. 

It works for me and helped all of my clients transform their lives - from landing their dream jobs to rebuilding relationships with their loved ones. 


Enroll NOW and you'll also get these


Money Mindset

Bullet proof confidence

Guided hypno-meditation

Special guest relationships coach



Life & Mindset Coach

NLP Master, Hypnotherapy Practitioner

Hey, great to have you here!

My name is Irina and I'm a big change-lover, action-taker and a happy introvert.

It wasn't always like that though...


Many moons ago I was living a life where my energy was consumed by constant overwhelm and my time was wasted on second-guessing and self-doubt.


Now I can say that I'm most confident and collected than I've ever been before. And it reflects on the results I get in my business, the lifestyle I live, my relationships, and most importantly - my happiness. ​


This programme is created based on the multiple trainings and coaching programmes I've done, but most importantly - on my own trials & errors of the tools and techniques I learned.


I know first-hand that everyone can create for themselves exactly what they want. With a level of commitment and DESIRE plus the right and dedicated guidance. I did it for myself and for all of my clients. And I know we can get you there too!


Welcome on the journey!


Check the next kick-off date and secure your spot

We have started already, but you can still join till the end of Sat, 3.07 - just DM me on FB -->

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