Career plans

First, let me check if i get you right...​

You're passionate about your career and have a clear vision where you want to go and know what steps will take you there. This is great​ - determination and clarity are the key ingredients in the recipe for success!

Yet, you realise that there is something else in your life that is important and is craving your attention. Whether it's your romantic relationship, your family, your own wellbeing, self-development, or any other par of your life.

'How do I prioritise?' 

'How do I ensure I've got it all without compromising on my career plans?'

'Can I have 48hrs in a day-night, without sleep, please?'

The fact that in the evening your brain is still busy problem-solving the day, doesn't help. While most of the weekend is down to catching up on private admin and household chores, and kinda stops midday Sunday when dreading work feeling kicks in. 

the good news is..

You remain conscious that life is not just about the career, no matter how strong is your passion and desire to succeed. You know that fulfilment doesn't come from just one thing. You may celebrate success in one endeavour, but deep inside you won't feel fulfilled if other parts of your life are in bad shape. 

Imagine life being a pizza and each slice a part of it (say, family, career, finances, vacation, hobby, self-development, etc.). Now.. How would it make you feel if your pizza was missing a few slices? Let alone getting just one slice!

Let's agree, you don't want to let your romantic relationship slip because you're too focused on work. Or your career growth slow down because of your family commitments. Is that right?

What you need

As I said at the very start, all you need - you already have! It's not on the surface though - you need to do a bit of digging. 


By digging I mean looking deep inside your very own self. Understand your values and your priorities. And the most important thing here - is to not mix it up with those of other people or socially accepted norms. You need to know what is an absolute true to YOU. Even if it may seem bonkers! 


Think about what makes up your life holistically? what are those pizza slices? is it just career, money and family? I bet there is something else!! 

Your possibilities

Imagine moving smoothly up your career ladder, without exhaustion and squeezing your energy like a lemon into a salad bowl.


Your face is glowing and you're smiling to yourself.  You spend quality time with your loved ones, you are on top of your fitness goals, you travel, you discover, you learn new skills and more and more and more..

If you are ready to discover how to manage your day-to-day so it makes that vision a reality, feel free to get in touch, or join my Masterclass! Together we'll get you where you want to be!


Apart from that, all you need is a desire and commitment to smile to your day, every day!

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by Irina Krasko, NLP Life Coach

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