Made for something different

First, let me check if i get you right...​

​Whether you know what's your passion or you're still in search, one thing is clear - whatever you do for living today is not taking you towards your dream. It's a shame you need to waste so much time and brainpower on something that's not meaningful to you.

Working day makes you exhausted and drained like a squeezed lemon from the non-stop sense of rush, growing to-do list, people to please and standards to meet. You feel as if time is just passing by with no value."Is that all it is about?" "Am I gonna get old just like that?"

You desperately want to spend more time on what's meaningful to you, you want to own your agenda and follow your own rules. You just want more FREEDOM IN YOUR DAILY CHOICES!

If that sounds familiar, I've got a good news for you!

The fact that you know what you want (or at least what you don't want) tells me that you're already one huge leap closer towards crafting the life you want. You are not ready to stay on a 'stand by' mode watching your life flying by. You listen to yourself and your real wants and needs - and it's a big win already!

What you need

I won't surprise you by saying that all you need for the starters is to free up more time and more headspace from your current daily commitments. But let's be realistic.. Abandoning all you have now for the sake of your passion (or it's search) - is the story of the best-selling authors who [already] made it work. For the majority human beings though, the reality is that we have to roll the two balls in parallel if we don't want our world to suddenly collapse

Your possibilities

Imagine you knew how to make the work flowing smoothly and have it all under control. You have undivided access to that precious time to dive into what you love and what gives you thrills, explore different options and stop missing out on opportunities.


Imagine if you could start doing it now, where would you be in a year's time? 

Your task today is to make a choice - whether you continue putting your dream day further off, or make first steps now to bring it much closer to reality.

All you need is commitment and desire to smile to your day, every day.

If you are ready to discover what you can do as a first step to get you closer to your dream, here's a gift for you - free Masterclass. Join to discover how to slow down in the daily routine and get more time and energy to do more of what you love! 

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by Irina Krasko, NLP Life Coach

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