There is enough time to do it all

work/life balance does not need a compromise in either 

I help corporate professionals to find the right balance between their professional and personal parts of life without compromising on their career aspirations


My Coaching Practice

Irina Krasko

I work with people who have high ambitions in their careers, but feel that the other parts of their life suffer from the lack of time. 

During coaching I do not advice or mentor.

Through guiding and challenging your thinking, I will ensure that you find the solution which is right for you

We will create practical process, I will push you forward while keeping on the right track, will encourage and hold you accountable.

I will ensure you do not limit your possibilities. 

In most cases when people find the right balance between work and personal life, their professional success spikes. 

You will realise that you have the ability to renegotiate your reality, and chances are, you will go far beyond the current vision of your goal.


You got to the right page

if you:

  • Have a goal in mind but don’t know where to start

  • Second guess your decisions

  • Know what you want but have too many doubts and overwhelming thoughts that don't let you progress

  • Are not sure whether the goal is right for you and whether it is worth pursuing

  • Are worried that you will not hold accountable to your decision and will not take it through to the end

  • Believe that your current circumstances would not allow you to get what you want

  • Believe you have no enough money/time/self confidence/right skills etc. 

Through our mutual commitment you will:

  • Ensure your goal is aligned with your core values

  • Likely expand your goal beyond your current vision as you become more courageous and confident in your abilities

  • Design you own lifestyle template and swiftly move toward living the life you want 

  • Learn how to make the transition and tackle any external circumstances that come in the way

  • Start seeing and picking the right opportunities

  • Have clear practical plan to achieve your goal

  • Act fearlessly and confidently 

  • Strengthen your willpower and self-belief


What achievers say 

Parvez, London

Irina is very calm & personable, which helps relax and reassure you, as you can then take time to really focus on what you want to improve about yourself.

I continue to benefit from the sessions and still use the techniques that Irina shared to help me in day to day situations.

Andrea, Bucharest 

I've been struggling with stuttering and public speaking shyness my entire life. With Irina's help, I was able to navigate and release some difficult emotions and childhood trauma. She guided me through calming NLP practices and meditation to teach me ways to calm my nerves and find peace within during challenging moments. I can't wait for more sessions!

Andrei, London

I have changed my perspective and the way I look at certain circumstances in life thanks to coaching with Irina. 

I have recently launched my own business and am still successfully managing work-life balance.

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by Irina Krasko, NLP Life Coach

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