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It won't be a news for you if I say that our day-to-day, or in other words our routine, makes up our life on a grander scale.

Unfortunately, this routine often turns into a destructive and exhausting burden. It's draining the hell out of you, let alone bringing any satisfaction whatsoever. It seems that the daily routine keeps jumping on our way of doing things we truly want and love doing. It stops us from experiencing the world and all the wonders it has to offer.

Why is this happening?
One of the reasons is that we tend to commit to someone else way more than to ourselves! Think of your boss, your spouse, your mum, your friend who you promised to look after their cat over the weekend. Rings a bell?

Our subconscious is trying hard to prove our integrity and credibility to others. Let's be honest, you're thinking to yourself that if you fail to deliver on your own commitments it won't hurt anyone... True... except for your own life!!! And not only. On a long run - chronic fatigue, apathy, no energy, no time will affect lives of those close to you too. 

How to fix it?
Coaching is like a personal trainer for your mind. There are general concepts but everyone still needs an individual approach. 

My programmes are designed in a way that gives you both. Plus a great push and ongoing support on top.

  • You get great portions of food for thoughts, refreshing ideas and step by step guidance.

  • You and I also work one on one to tackle any internal blocks that stops you from getting the result you want.

  • All that topped with ongoing encouragement and support which won't let you slip of your piste. 

The programmes help you come out of that whirl of hustle and switch from the “just getting by” mode to a fulfilling, enjoyable living.

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by Irina Krasko, NLP Life Coach

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