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Why I do what I do

Hey, I'm Irina

I'm a big advocate of living life to its fullest. And I don't mean jumping from parachutes and having pool parties all-day-every-day. Believe it or not, movie life is not for everyone. And it's not because not everyone can have it, but because not everyone wants it! 

When I say living life to the fullest I mean using the time that you are given in this world in the way that is meaningful to you, gives you thrills, makes you smile. We live long lives and there is enough time (yes, it is!) to achieve even craziest of your dreams! You just need to use this time in the right way, not waste it. 

Life is a long journey of years that consists of short steps - days. 

This is why I believe that smiling and looking forward to your day - every day - is so abso-freaking-lutely important :)

How I coach

I've been coaching since I remember myself (as I later figured out!), starting from my own parents to my friends and friends of my friends (always loved a good challenging question!). Imagine what a surprise it was for me later in life to find out that there was actually a profession for it! 


This news changed it all, and since 3 years ago I've been a certified NLP Master Practitioner and Hypnotherapy practitioner. What it means for you, is that I have a full toolbox of practices and techniques to help you set yourself for rock-firm, permanent success. (Read more on this in my blog)


You'll be surprised how much potential you can uncover in yourself through our work together. There is some work involved, yes, but this work is way more pleasant and rewarding than you might think!

Happy to meet you!

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by Irina Krasko, NLP Life Coach

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