As a transformation coach, my job is not simply to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be.


My job is to help you create a permanent mindset shift which creates a ripple effect on all parts of your life.

I remember sitting in the meeting room hearing my inner critic telling me I’m not as good as everyone else around me. Overthinking what to say and how to say it -- I was second-guessing my ideas and opinions. I was even second-guessing my desires and the directions I was taking in life.


All that was going on inside, while outside I was seen as doing great. I even lied to myself that I was! Though, the reality was quite the opposite...


Today for me it's not about being seen as confident, but to FEEL confident from inside. It creates a massive difference! Knowing what I want and simply being myself. I dare to go for things that I want, expanding my life experience and constantly expanding the borders of that fearlessness :)


My degrees and education did not teach me how to take full charge of my life and mindset. The utter honesty with myself, willingness to be vulnerable, and commitment to showing up as a leader in life - did.


I want that for you too. In my coaching, I use tools and techniques which I discovered and which helped me and my clients to unveil the unshakable self-belief and natural leaders inside. 

I offer individual, one-to-one coaching, as well as group coaching.

I work with people on achieving their goals through mindset transformation - dealing with the source of the challenges, rather than merely performing actions which would get them there. This way you create a permanent shift so that those challenged don't come back or show up in other areas of your life.


NLP Transformational Coach,

Breakthrough Coach, Hypnotherapist